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Tips for a good Android phone
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Tips and tricks to succeed in Subway Surfers in 2015

September 20 2015 , Written by Moore Onlici

subway surfers
subway surfers

Among your favorite Android games, there is no doubt that Subway Surfers is part of the top of the rankings. If you do not play, attention, you'll love it! In any case, here are our tips for Subway Surfers players.

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Combine movements
There are some combinations of movements that will make all the difference in the game, especially when the rate begins to accelerate. These special moves allow you to recover more such pieces, or cancel your jumps at the last second.

  1. Jump + right or jump + right + right to fly to the right
  2. + Jump left or jump + left + left to fly to the left
  3. + Jump drive to cancel a jump
  4. Roll + jumping to cancel a roll

Stay in the air
The best strategy in Subway Surfers is certainly to stay in the air: in high train or using power-ups that make you jump very high. This saves you much inconvenience, starting with the many obstacles in the ground, but you can also attract more parts easily with the magnet, without risking your life every second. for more tips you can check this tool for subway surfers

subway surfers
Stay up to the maximum: on trains or in the air.
Surfboards ("hoverboards") are triggered when you feel a risk of increasing this to get caught or to take an open-face train. Double-click to bring up the surfing, that will save your life or disappear after a given time.

These sometimes futuristic boards also make it more interesting play. There are many different surf, but most have an onset time of 30 seconds. Some boards are limited edition and you can not buy that in a given period. Hint to display expired hoverboards: change the time and date of your smarpthone. Once you have found the board in question, you can reset your device to standard time.

That said, I do not necessarily advise to invest real money in surfboards: rather you focus on the power-ups that will help you progress in the game The surf board is mainly to save you. life latest.

subway surfing
Use your powerups at the right time
It is important to know what the powerup use, especially when: it is the key element of this game there are 4 powerups in the game.:

- Jetpack: makes you fly and dodge obstacles

- Super sneakers: makes you run faster

- Coin Magnet: collecting the pieces around you

- 2x Multiplier: Double your score

For the first part of the game, it is recommended to use especially Jetpack and Coin Magnet, to win as many coins. These will allow you to put your powerups level in "Boosts" <"Upgrades". All upgrades will improve the power of powerup in question. Finally, avoid too quickly improve Super Sneakers if you do not fully master the jumps and somersaults, otherwise the upgrade will do you more harm than good.

subway ride 3
Use your powerups at the right time!
Earn as many coins
Do whatever is in your able to get as many coins. This implies to fulfill the daily tasks in order to win a small pot. The collection of letters allows you to complete missions. However, make sure to be well-connected Internet: otherwise, you will not receive the daily challenges. If you complete your missions during five days in a row, you will get a mystery box. You can also share with friends Subway Surfers on Facebook to win 5000 coins.

subway surfers 1
Do what you are asked to fulfill missions and win gold.
Some missions are more special than others to achieve, like "jumping over trains" or "banging on the bushes." You will find in this forum post all means to fulfill the Subways Surfers missions.

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